Wednesday 20 June 2007


"St Mary's Paralytic Center" - Halga.

I really wish i could give u a hell a lot of info of what i am up to but typing on the keyboard sucks big time. By the time i have done a para or two i get exhausted and ya not to forget the bloody spasms and the tightness. After I got operated for Hetrophosis Ossification (well thats how it sounded) in manipal, i came back home with a big chunk of bone, MY bone. Then it was basically physiotherapy & exercises at home. And what boredom, i actually got bugged up of my constant doings of my paintings too. I was so bored that i was frightened as to where the heck am i going to end up really useless just like some people whose met with the same kind of accident. Later due to my moms request, we went to Karwar for a few days which i thought was like a soothing break. There Dad came to know a nearby place known as "St Mary's Paralytic Center" in Halga. I heard it as they treat cases like strokes and paralysis. Even though i knew that my case was totally different I now had to be part of it too. All i thought was what the heck, lets try this too. I stayed there for some 20 days. In the beginning they gave some calcium tablets and some tonic which they made them self and a lot of encouraging words by the nuns who used to take care of that institute. This went on every alternative day till the 20th day.The people who came here were from all backgrounds. They were rich ,poor, all castes, but people with a lot of hope that they would one day recover and get back to there families as normal as they could get and fast. I drew a number of portraits and the scenic view where were was awesome. Too bad it was very hot there. Here too i met a lot of people who were more severe than i was. Every ones language here was a little difficult to understand as to there were people from North Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Kerala, AP, Tamilnadu, And not to forget our very own Bangalore. It was very hot and the weather was unpredictable but it used to end up in a very peaseful. I liked it , it was indeed a soothing break. Even though we used to stay far away from the beach, it was good in its own way.
Both the sketches are done on paper using a 0.5 hifi ball pen.

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